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Project Description
This is the Glossary Highlighter for SharePoint. It consists of three parts. A javascript function that highlights the words from the glossary on the page, a list with terms and finally a dataview webpart.

To implement this solution you must to do the following:

  1. Create a list on the toplevel site te store the glossary terms (fields: Term as Text and Body as Note)
  2. Call the javacript function 'HighlightTerms()' in the masterpages or pagelayouts. Look at this function and change the fieldname as you used in the list created in step 1. This JQuery function adds modifications to a div with a CSS class 'content', not to the whole page. Change this also to your content element.  
  3. Check the function highlightRegex in the javascript file and modify the exclusions if necessary, see the image below.
  4. Place the aspx file any where on the site and change the url in javascript function, see snapshot below.
  5. Check de dataview webpart to get properly the querystring and the passed term from the list.


Javascript function (jquery-highlightregex.js)
The javascript function searchs en highlights the words from glossary founded on the pages. To exclude some parts on the page you must make some modifications in the code.

ASPX page with DataView web part
An aspx page within a datview web part to view the explination of the clicked term.


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